Crowdfunding to win

Exceptional recruiting is essential to fielding a winning team. Fortunately for a few top-tier programs that keep on winning, they bring in (as a result) more revenue that is used to outspend their lower-tier counterparts by $50 million or more (yearly), and gain an even bigger advantage over best recruiting class—and ultimately, over everything.

For many of you whose team do not have a chance, we are democratizing college sports by empowering you—invested fans—to make an impact on recruiting. #MyDollarMyVoiceMyTeam

Why we're changing the game

Not every passionate fan roots for perennial contenders

Recruiting is the lifeblood

Winning is a result of great recruiting. And recruiting is impacted by revenue and expense budgets. Not surprisingly, schools with bigger revenue and expenses tend to consistently sign top recruits and field winning teams.

Passionate fans support their team

College sports as an industry valued over $6 billion. Fanbase monetary support comes in the form of ticket sales, merchandise sales, donations, and (indirectly) TV revenue. This app is a new way to support your team; it facilitates donations in ways similar to crowdfunding platforms.

But invested fans also want a say

Both coaches and fans want top recruits, such as Under Armour All-Americans (football) and McDonald's All-Americans (basketball). This app allows you to voice the recruits you want and incentivize your team—not recruits—on signing them.

Get in the game

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